About us

Parabureau consistently applies the idea of functionality in all its projects.

We approach each client individually, and we base our conceptual solutions on the perfected design metodology. We believe that communication with customers and creating mutual trust is an important factor in all stages of the creative process. Such relationship of mutual trust allows the permeation of constructive criticism and teamwork, which leads to successful development of business strategy and ultimately results in quality products.

Branding makes an important segment of the work and actions of Parabureau. Through all its phases and elements, we have professional and serious approach to this detailed and comprehensive process, and the result is recognizable quality and, consequently, commercial success.

Parabureau participated in various international exhibitions & competitions, winning numerous awards and prizes.

Golden Bee
HOW Design
IDA 2010. International Design Award – Gold 
C+C Print Award  
ADCC Awards – Gold 
Rebrand 100 Global Award
IDA 08 International Design Award
Wolda ‘08, 2008. – Best of Nation Award 
Eulda ‘07, the European Logo Design Annual – 3 awards 
Hong Kong International Poster Trienal
Eulda 06’ – 3 awards

NOVUM (showroom)
PRINT (showcase of the best of European design.)
Worldwide Identity, Robert L. Peters, Icograda, Rockport
Brand! Vol.3 
C+C Print
KaK, 2011
Brand! Vol. 4
Logolounge 6
Logolounge Master Library Vol. 3